Surly Toll

7 Aug

Yes that’s right, Surly Toll.  Since I picked up the frame nothing seems to have gone smoothly, some things have been bad luck, most things have been my own fault.  Part deliveries have been missing bits, the original BB I got was a 68 mm when I needed a 73 mm, then the chainset wouldn’t fit due to clearance so I settled for a Deore double with bash guard.  I had trouble ordering the spokes and rims, I finally got that sorted and when I picked up the wheels from the shop I realised I had left most the parts there for my Alfine hub set-up.

When I finally completed the build it weighed in at 15 Kg!  I hope the scales are defunct.  I soon realised the standard 36 tooth middle ring fitted to the chainset was going to be too big and ordered a 32 tooth to replace it which I put on today, no issues there apart from needing to buy a 30mm Torx bit to change the bolts.

Deore double chainset with bashguard

The original 36 tooth chainring was just too big for the 15 Kg of troll excluding baggage so I have opted for a 32 tooth ring.

I also planned on fitting some mudguards before our trip to Scotland later this week, they are going to have to wait.  Despite the Surly Troll being equipped with 3 mounts on the rear chainstay as well as a trailer mount,  the rack off my old bike is not happily mounted on the forward mount leaving little room for the mudguard stays.

Surly Troll Chainstay

The chainstay has 3 mounting points but my old rack will only fit the outer mount without some modification.

I have tried mounting them on the inside of the chainstay’s but there isn’t enough clearance for the Alfine hub and disc rotor, without modifying my rack they will have to wait a while before I get round to fitting them.

Surly Troll Chainstay

I tried fitting the mudguard stay inside but there isn’t enough clearance for the massive Alfine hub, works fine for a cassette

I expect it will be raining in Scotland.


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