Dummy Run

8 Aug

Kate and I got a ride in today before our trip later this week.  Its the first time I have been on a long ride on the Troll since I built it and Kate’s first chance for a long ride on the On-one, she normally just uses it for mountain biking.

We are hoping to get a bus from Inverness to Ullpool on Friday but only have 20 minutes from the train arriving to the bus departing from the bus station, shouldn’t be a problem if the train is on time.  If not we are going to have to cycle to Ullapool to get our ferry, its about 50 miles which is the furthest distance we want to travel in one day.

So today we decided to cycle 50 miles from Neath to Llanelli and back.  There was a strong headwind on the way there, the sun was out at times but we also got a few showers too.  We have ridden most of the route several times before and a large part of it isn’t very enjoyable along a busy road, but Kate persuaded me to ride through the marina which was nice for a change.

Surly Troll handling with panniers is great, balances really well.

Kate got to ride most of the trip without panniers, she plans on carrying the tent when we are away.  We didn’t make many stops, we planned on stopping to get something to eat along the way but ended up only eating a couple of mars bars we took with us, good job we had that cooked breakfast before leaving the house.

Our journey followed the Sustrans route 4 most of the way.  Except our initial bit to join up with route 4 its mainly traffic free with some really good sections including and old railway incline in Clyne Valley that links Blackpill to Gowerton.

Kate taking a well earned break

The journey was fairly flat, our total elevation for the trip was 1007 feet over 52 miles.

We didn’t pack as much weight as we will be carrying in Scotland but I think we will be fine, its not like we have an alternative once we are out in the outer isles.


One Response to “Dummy Run”

  1. Tahir August 9, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    So much going on here in London, not sure whether to follow your trip or catch up with the riots news or to get on with work. Stay safe

    PS. You said Kate won’t be carrying any luggage MR Squeaky but she is. I hope you haven’t put heavy stuff in her panniers and bread and popcorns etc in yours.

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