Caledonian Sleeper

11 Aug





Kate and I cycled 13 miles across London to Euston where we boarded the 9.15 pm to Inverness.   We are travelling 1st class which turned out cheaper than standard, we have a room each with an adjoining door, breakfast is served at 7 with arrival at 8.30 am.  The train has a dining car although, seating is limited the prices are pretty good.

Kate would recommend the chocolate brownie and custard dessert.

The bikes are hanging up in the guards waggon, Kate’s On-one has vertical drop outs and is hanging by the back wheel, my Surly has horizontal drop outs and in the few seconds I spent in the guards waggon I decided that the 15 kilo’s of troll might move the wheel in the drop out so I hung it by the fork. As most of the 15 kilo’s seem to be in the Alfine hub and sputnik rim I don’t think the wheel would have moved anywhere, hopefully I won’t wake up with a bent fork.

The plan is to get off the train and on a bus by 8.50, the bus has a bike trailer and should take us the 50 miles to Ullapool, if we miss the bus we will have to cycle there to get our ferry to Stornoway which sails at 5.20 pm.  There is only one bus with a trailer a day so hopefully our train will arrive on time.


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