13 Aug







I woke up to a knock on the cabin door and breakfast was served. An hour later we were pulling into Inverness station on time.  The bikes were ok, just a slightly loose headset on mine.  Kate and I had a quick journey from the train station around the corner to the bus stop for our bus to Ullapool.

We had decided not to ride due to a number of reasons, we had 56 miles to cover to get our ferry which boarded at 3.45 pm and we had also heard the route was fast moving and not the best for cycling.  Getting the bus turned out a good idea, the first 30 miles were busy including a dual carrageway and the speed limit which everyone made use of was 60 mph and instead we spent the day in coffee shops and cycling aroung tiny Ullapool.

At 3.45 the ferry came in and we joined the queue to board.  As cyclists we boarded first, the ferry doesn’t have specific bike parking just ropes tied to some railings on the car deck.

The crossing which was a little over 2 hours had some fantastic scenery although we arrived in a dark and very wet Stornoway, thankfully the town isnt very big so we quickly found our hostel.


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