14 Aug


Wet start to the day







For the second time in as many days I started the day with a cooked breakfast.


It seemed to take ages for us to get packed and out of the hostel. The rain had continued through the night so we set off in full waterproofs, after a couple of stops to look at the map and then Google maps on the phone we found our way onto a great single track road that would take us all the way across the island to the west coast, although our GPS was convinced we were on an A road I have my doubts!

After an hour the sun started to come through the clouds and the waterproofs came off but after another half an hour the rain was back and the wind was picking up. The landscape was harsh with the road running through peat bogs, from time to time the peat had been cut and was awaiting collection at the side of the road.

We eventually arrived at Callanish where we stopped to view the ancient stone circle dating back to 1500 Bc. We also sat down for a much needed cup of coffee and chocolate cake.

After Callanish the road started to wind its way around lochs and opened up to a wider A road although not too busy with a handful of cars passing every hour. The wind had got stronger by this time and seemed to be coming from all directions but mainly a headwind, the forecast was for a S. Western wind with gusts of up to 30 mph.

As we got closer to Timsgarry our speed was reduced to a walking pace and had the feeling of riding up a steep hill although the road was definetly flat. The final 5 miles were like this as we came to the end of a Glen which opened up to reveal a beautiful sandy bay with a turquoise sea in the distance.


A short while later we had thankfully arrived at Baile-na-Cille, our accommodation for the next two days.




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