18 Aug



After my 4th cooked breakfast in 4 days we set off to travel to Cearsiadair on the east coast 42 miles away.  There is only one road into Timsgarry where we had spent the last two nights and we would be travelling 19 miles along the same stretch until we met up with the A road that would take us to our destination.

Our route zigzagged across the island which meant the wind was behind us at least some of the time.  After 2 hours it started to rain, after 3 there was a break in the weather so we decided to have lunch.  Unlike other days we hadn’t passed any cafes or shops so at the edge of a loch we parked the bikes against a fence and got the stove out.

Unusually the stove decided to send a 2 ft flame into the air as it was lit but eventually lunch was served in the form of super noodles.  Sometime later Kate pointed out to me that I had a new appearance of white singed eyebrows and eyelashes.

After 36 miles we pulled off the A road and followed a B road running along a loch which led to our hostel in the tiny village of Cearsiadair.


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