To Lochboisdale

19 Aug









I woke up at 6.30 with the morning sun on the tent.  Our tent has a huge porch which can easily fit two bikes, from the comfort of my sleeping bag I was able to reach over and boil some water on the stove for coffee.  After a while I went back to sleep and it was 11 am before Kate and I set off.  Luckily we only had 30 miles to cover.

After a few miles we decided to take a detour which took us through a little village and ended at a deserted beach.  From there we followed a track which took us across the Uist military firing range, luckily for us there was no activity and we weaved our way past observation towers and targets.

Back on the main road we cycled into the daily rain shower but for a change we could see blue skies on the horizon.  A sign pointing left down a small road indicated to a cafe, but a mile later there was no cafe and we were at another beautiful deserted beach, the sun was out so we decided to get the stove out and cook noodles for lunch.

Our destination was a bunk house which turned out to be a coverted elderly care home and a hospital before that.  It’s not the first time Kate and I have stayed in a hospital come care home, however last time it was in New Zealand and there were only 2 other guests, it felt a bit like the movie the shining.  Luckily it wasn’t the case here, the room had a comfy bed, and the huge living room had a full size snooker table, sky tv and free WiFi.

Kate and I ditched the paniers and had a cycle around, it felt great to be riding without luggage.  We bought fish and chips for dinner and cycled to another deserted beach where we ate dinner on the dunes.

A ride up the beach took us to the remains of three round houses which are thought to date back to around 3000 bc, when they were excavated from the dunes by archeoligists 30 years ago they found human sacrifices and the dead buried in the floors of the houses.  As our day of cycling was catching up with us we returned to our elderly care home, hopefully no remains to be found there!


One Response to “To Lochboisdale”

  1. Andy August 20, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

    Hi Tim and Kate!

    It’s great to see your Blog and to follow your journey!
    Hope you are both keeping well and coping with the climatic conditions!

    Take care both,


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