Surly Troll Update

26 Jun

The Surly Troll had been without a front mudguard since I bought it 10 months ago.  It had a simple crud catcher on the down tube which has been great whilst storing the bike in the hallway as the front wheel can be removed and the bars twisted but it didn’t offer the same amount of protection as a full length mudguard.

P1000314 (Large)

click the picture to read the latest Surly Troll post.

Originally I fitted a Tubus Tara Lowrider rack to the front of the Troll but the forks are slightly too wide for the rack.  This meant the bow had to be opened up which caused it to be off centre over the wheel.  After 8 months I finally got around to replacing it with a Tubus Duo rack which meant I could attached the front SKS mudguard to match the rear.  The Tubus Tara rack is now on my Surly Disc Trucker which you can read about here.

Fitting the Tubus Duo still came with problems, the Troll claims to be versatile which it certainly is with disc mounts, brake bosses, rack mounts and mudguard mounts but with disc brakes fitted it causes problems when a front rack and also mudguards are fitted.  Attaching the mudguard stays directly to the Tubus Duo removes one of these problems but the rack needed to be fitted first which had to be done by adding an extra washer on the lower mount to stop it touching the Avid BB7 Disc brake.

The fork axle to crown length on the Troll is big at 453mm as the frame is designed so it can be run with a suspension fork, mounting the mudguard directly to the crown mount meant the mudguard was a few inches away from the tyre and looked ridiculous so I made a simple extended bracket from some aluminium I bought from a hardware store.  With this made the mudguard could be fitted and the stays cut to the right length.

Fitting everything around the front disc proved challenging

Front view of the mudguard

This shows the bracket made to fit the mudguard. After the photo was taken the stays were adjusted to centre the mudguard over the wheel.  Everything looks off centre from this shot!

The mudguards are the widest SKS do at 65mm wide.  The only problem now is storing the Troll in the hallway with the front wheel off!

The troll is now going to need a new home


One Response to “Surly Troll Update”

  1. Julian July 10, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Tim Leave the wheel on and turn the bars its easier

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