Cycloc Review

27 Jun

Now we no longer have a shed storing bikes has become a problem, so I decided that the Cycloc would be a good solution and after 6 months they are all still firmly bolted to the wall!

We have 3 bikes on the wall in the hallway

The Cyclocs were attached to the wall using 3 plaster wall plugs each with a 10mm diameter apart from the one above the door which has 12 mm plugs; well you don’t want a bike landing on your head when you slam the door!

Charge hanging on the Cycloc

They are easy enough to lift off each morning before we leave the flat with the exception of the one above the door which requires a tall step ladder.  Originally a Trek 1200 Road bike lived there which was easy to move but that has been replaced with a Surly Trucker which isn’t as light weight.

In the living room we keep Kates Audax bike above the door, its only been used a few times so it rarely comes down, fitting this one was a bit more challenging as the walls are Victorian lath and plaster.  I drilled holes right through the wall and cut bolts to fit.

Bolts to go through the lath and plaster wall

A picture is required in the hallway to hide the nuts!

The Tifosi which lives above the living room door

The only problem with the Cycloc so far has been the rubber parts which occasionally fall off but otherwise they have been great.  The Cycloc’s mounted to the wall with raw plugs have need tightening occasionally, I fitted the extension piece to the holder designed for wider bars and this makes it more hassle to tighten the holders as you have to use a socket set to remove the Cycloc.  I have had to do this once in six months to two of the racks but they get used every day.


One Response to “Cycloc Review”

  1. musekidd July 2, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    It’s a friggin’ bike jungle! The three in the hallway are really crazy.

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