Llandudno and Conwy

9 Jul

When I set out for a ride around the Great Orme  I wasn’t intending for it to be an all day ride but just a short one until maybe lunch time.  50 miles and 9 hours later I was arriving at Bangor having cycled some great routes and even found time for a stop in a pub en route.

The Orme is a limestone headland with fantastic views over the bay and Llandudno.  The road is relatively quiet as cars have to pay to use it so you can enjoy the road in peace.   Along the way there were several climbers on the limestone cliffs and the occasional Kashmir Goat, I am told the Welsh Guards come here to select their regimental goat which then leads the battalion in ceremonial duties.

Riding around the Great Orme from Llandudno

Llandudno Pier

Riding around the Orme had some great views, the hill wasn’t too steep going up but as we got around the headland the wind picked up before a fast decent towards Deganwy.  There was a cafe on the top but we continued to the bottom where we stopped for some coffee and cake.

From the Orme we continued on to Conwy where we stopped for lunch on the quay.  Alongside the quay is the smallest house in Britain, it measures 3 metres by 1.8 metres, apparently the last owner was a fisherman measuring 1.9 metres tall, its rumoured he slept with his feet sticking out the window.

The smallest house in Britain

From Conwy the National Cycle Route 5 continues to Bangor.  Just outside Conwy there are some major improvements going on where a new bridge is being installed, when the work is completed the cycle route will continue along the coast avoiding a narrow section of pavement alongside the A55.  From here the  route continues along the coast, often between the railway line and A55.  Although the route is far from picturesque it is impressive none the less.

Not far from Bangor it poured down with rain and I got soaked, but as I arrived at the hotel the weather started to clear.  The hotel was located overlooking the pier and had some great views.


One Response to “Llandudno and Conwy”

  1. musekidd July 13, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    The views along the Great Orne are amazing. I want to see a map of where you were and what NCN routes you rode. Nice post.

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