Route 82 Lon Las Ogwen

11 Jul

I woke up early and at 7 am it was a beautiful morning full of sunshine.  By the time I ate breakfast and left the hotel it was getting cloudy.  My route was a return journey along Route 82 also known as Lon Las Ogwen.

Bangor Pier outside the hotel. The pier seems almost like an incomplete bridge across the Menai Strait when you stand at the end.

Lon Las Ogwen is a route still under development which I am told will eventually lead to Betws y Coed although completion is far off in the future.  The section that does exist has some of the best scenery I have encountered along a National Cycle Route and also a mixture of terrain which I fully enjoyed on the Surly Troll.

Starting off from Bangor there was this stream with deep grass surrounding it.

A bridge has been installed over a busy road on the route.

The first section of the route follows an old railway line until it gets to a tunnel. The tunnel is currently not use able and you are directed over a steep hillside. Maybe this will change in the future.

There were some great waterfalls along the route which were helped by the rain coming down!

The route made its way through some old slate tips.  The slate was piled into what seemed like mountains which made for an impressive landscape.  The route had started to climb fairly steeply at this point and the path was now gravel.

Surly Troll with the slate tips behind

The mountains in the distance were impressive with the tops covered by the clouds.  The weather was steadily getting worse but the landscape was becoming more impressive as the route continued.

Looking back down the valley at where I had cycled from

Towards the end of the route it became quite steep, I only averaged about 7 mph going up the route, on my return journey I averaged about 12 mph.  It was quite a leisurely ride in the rain with plenty of photo stops.

There were a a lot of steep climbs on this route

It might have been wet but there were some great waterfalls

Last climb to the reservoir

At the top of the hill the Llyn Ogwen reservoir is located.  It had been a fairly hard climb to the top but fully enjoyable.  I stocked up on snacks from the little shop and made my return journey to Bangor which was much easier descending but very wet.


3 Responses to “Route 82 Lon Las Ogwen”

  1. musekidd July 13, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    This looks like a great ride. I really like the photos looking back along the trail.

  2. James August 2, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    Hi, good blog, I’m just in the process of building up a Surly Troll, so I be interested in your build, is your alfine an 8 or 11?.

    • mr squeaky wheel August 4, 2012 at 9:16 am #

      The Alfine is an 11 speed. The chainset on the front came with a 32 tooth chainring which I changed to a 30 and I am running the Alfine 20 tooth sprocket in the back. I have been intending to change the rear sprocket to a 22 tooth Nexus as on steep climbs I have to stand on the pedals.

      I had the wheels built with Rigida Sputnik rims which are tough but also very heavy weighing over 600 grams each, I have considered changing the rims as the Alfine Hub weight and the rim weight combined makes the bike slow to ride but it handles heavy panniers off road really well.

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