Goodbye Tifosi Hello Tifosi

13 Jul

Last Year I built Kate a Tifosi Ck7 Road bike.  It had only been used a handful of times as she is either commuting on her single speed or out on a touring bike.  Now she has a new Surly Disc Trucker which is a lot more comfortable and with some light weight wheels its not too bad on the hills, so her Tifosi is going to get used even less.

Kates Tifosi

In May I sold my road bike a Trek 1200 so I have been without a road bike, as I have been riding Audax’s this year I have had my eye on Kate’s Tifosi but the frame is too big.  I eventually decided to order an extra small frame, when I ordered it I found out it is now available in green with the classic look.

I picked up the frame from Schmoos Cycles in Swansea, its a great shop and the owner Julian is always very helpful.

Building the new Tifosi

Building the Tifosi didn’t go very smoothly.  First of all I didn’t have my bottom bracket tool in my toolbox so I couldn’t remove the cranks or bottom bracket from the old frame.  I am due to go away in a couple of days so I was keen to get it completed, so reluctantly I went to the nearest bike shop where I purchased a new tool for the job,  I also managed to damage the rear brake cable whilst cutting the outer for the new frame size.  I don’t have any spare brake inner cables so I am going to have to pop into town tomorrow and pick one up.

Tifosi CK7

Tifosi CK7

The finished bike has a classic look, the white Cinelli Vai Bianca Stem, Handle Bars and Seat post look great, I love the Cinelli logo.  The quality of the Cinelli parts is good, but they are heavy for the money, the Vai is the entry level line of parts.

The bike has Shimano 105 parts throughout, here you can see the rack mounted to the seat stay.  The rack is designed to be mounted to the bridge where the brake is mounted but this involved bending the connecting rod, I plan on buying some seatstay mounts later.

The Tubus Fly rack is apparently only 400 grams in weight but will carry 18 kilograms

Tubus racks are excellent quality, we now have two rear racks and two front racks on different bikes.  This Tifosi isn’t going to get a huge amount of use with panniers so I didn’t want to fit a large rack.  The Tubus Fly is light weight yet is still capable of carrying a lot, probably far more than the wheels can handle.

The bike has Shimano 105 spec

I have fitted a double chain ring to the bike but I will probably regret that at some point.  I will either need to get a smaller ring for the chainset or change the  rear cassette, I need to check the specification but I am hoping the 10 speed rear dérailleur will be compatible with a 30 tooth rear cassette.

I have fitted a Sigma computer to the bike.  On my old trek I had a Shimano Flight Deck computer which could be controlled via the buttons on the brake levers.  It was a great piece of kit but I decided it was too expensive to fit this time around.

The computer ruins the look of the stem, I will eventually find another solution to where it is fitted, at the moment there isn’t enough room on the handle bars.

The rear wheel has plenty of clearance and it should be easy to fit a rear mudguard, unfortunately I forgot to pick one up from Schmoos so I will have to sort it out later.

The Rear rack has some nice details and it is possible to fit rear mudguards from the rack.

I have wanted an Ortlieb bar bag for some time.  There are always rides when a pannier is too much and this will be perfect for those mid ride snacks and the 1/2 dozen snickers bars I often have in my back pocket and end up dropping all over the road.

Unfortunately I had to fit this ugly mount for the bar bag and I had to add an extension for it to clear the STI levers.  The good thing about the mount is that it is possible to lock the bag to the bike.

The Tifosi logo is a bit dull but the colour of the frame and the classic looks make it an attractive bike.

Kate’s old Tifosi CK7 is still with us, its a 54 cm so its far too big for me.  She is keen to rebuild it with some flat bars so it might be a future bike project.


One Response to “Goodbye Tifosi Hello Tifosi”

  1. musekidd July 13, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Nice… nice… nice bike. Love the white Cinelli seat post and stem to match the white accents on the frame… can’t wait to see it with mud guards. Then it will be a proper audux! A classic looking bike my friend.

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