Abergavenny to Cardiff

8 May

What a great day Saturday 4th May turned out to be! At midday I hopped on a train to Abergavenny with a map and some pasties with the aim of cycling back to Cardiff via Newport.

I left the station at Abergavenny and followed Route 42 a short distance until I got onto Route 46.  A couple of months ago I did this part of the journey cycling from Abergavenny to Neath which was just over 50 miles and the first secton of 46 was one of the most scenic passing through Clydach Gorge.

Which way to Cardiff

Which way to Cardiff

The route runs along the river as you head out of town and over the bridge.

Abergavenny Bridge
As quickly as I got on to Route 46 I was leaving it to join Route 49, a first for me.  The route was well signed and there was no need for the map.

P1010197 (Large)

Route 49 follows the Brecon and Abergavenny canal and it is a fantastic route, leaving 46 took me up a short steep path but I was delighted to find the canal at the top which follows the edge of the hillside.

P1010198 (Large)

The path was unpaved for much of the way but it was a good surface with only a few areas which were gravel.  Running on 1.5″ tyres was no problem

P1010199 (Large)

I had no problem ducking under the many canal bridges but for those of you who are more lofty this might become a bit tiresome.

P1010200 (Large)

I followed Route 49 through Pontypool and Cwmbran until I reached the outskirts of Newport and after going underneath the M4 I joined up with Route 47 which I followed to Fourteen Locks.  The route was well signed and shortly after the visitors centre there was a linking route from 47 to Route 4 marked with bracketed 4’s (4).

Back on Route 4 I had my first hills of the day passing through some great countryside on the way to Caerphilly.

P1010203 (Large)

Along the way there was  race meet.

P1010204 (Large)

As I followed the route through Caerphilly I could see the castle in the distance which the route passes.

P1010205 (Large)

P1010208 (Large)

Descending from Caerphilly I joined the Taff Trail and followed it back to Cardiff ending the trip after 6 different National Cycle Network Routes and 52 miles.  I would highly recommend the ride although if you want  a shorter distance to cover you could end at Newport and catch the train.


3 Responses to “Abergavenny to Cardiff”

  1. musekidd May 8, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    Wow… excellent route and descriptions. The weather looked to be fabulous as well. Nice to see ya blog about your rides again. Of course too, I wanna see more! Question for ya… can ya create a map on the Sustrans website and embed it into yer blog? (or at least have a link?) It would be great to see the various NCN routes you rode. Also… just thinking about it… next time perhaps you could photo each of the route junctions and geotag them! Now that would be really helpful, eh? (… but I digress.) Excellent post butty. I really enjoyed it… makes me wanna GO RIDE!

    • musekidd May 8, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

      oh yeah… and great photos too!

  2. Sarah Lou May 17, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Sounds like a more sucessful ride than us! (adventurethursdays) we were going to give it another go next weekend, we went the scenic route last time via Clydach, will try your route. Lets hope we have the same weather :)))

    PS We use “sports tracker” to map our routes.

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