SE Draft

16 May

Kate has said goodbye to her big pink single speed but she’s not sorry.  When we living in London Kate was in need of a bike and did’t want anything fancy as she was short on cash and didn’t want something fancy that would get stolen.  So she ordered a SE Draft from Wiggle in a massive 54 cm frame size and also bright pink.

P1000782 (Large)

Now when we lived in London there weren’t many hills so having no gears was never an issue but that was before we moved to Cardiff.  Cardiff is relatively flat but despite this with 3 single speed bikes between us we moved to the top of the biggest hill for miles.

We live on top of the headland in the distance

We live on top of the headland in the distance

Soon after moving in I changed the gear ratios with new free wheels, we had never used the bikes as fixies, we are just simply not cool enough.  And I’m too afraid.  I changed my 14 tooth freewheel to a 16 and Kate’s bike got a stupidly small chain ring up front.  I can get up the hill most days but its hard work and on a hard day I get off and push the last bit.  Kate’s heavy steel framed bike was a mission to get up the hill and she quickly got fed up of not having any gears!

Sunny winter's day commute across the bay

Sunny winter’s day commute across the bay

After the initial gear change on Kate’s bike was not good enough I resorted to buying her a new rear 2 speed hub wheel.  Costing £100 the wheel had a kick flick hub meaning when you peddled backwards the hub would change gear.  But with only a 30% change it still wasn’t practical for riding around on the flat and then changing to go up a 16 metre elevation in 0.2 miles.  Before the hub was fitted the bike was heavy so its additional weight wasn’t welcomed.

P1000784 (Large)

So after 18 months of life in Cardiff it was time for the single speed to go.  It cleaned up really well and with a new chain, the old chainset fitted and new pedals the bike was ready for a new home.

P1010186 (Large)

P1010190 (Large)

P1010194 (Large)


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  1. musekidd May 16, 2013 at 10:15 am #

    Sounds great!… I want more… what’s next????

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