I found my socks

20 May

My brother got me some cycling socks for Christmas, I wore them a week or so later when we went mountain biking but after that they disappeared.  I forgot all about them until last week when I was due to go for a ride with him  but surprisingly they turned up today!

This photo was taken back in January during a cold day out riding.

This photo was taken back in January during a cold day out riding.

They turned up at my parents house, I must have left them there when I had been mountain biking in the area.  Well the plan for Sundays ride was to cycle to Caerphilly and over some mountains but I got a call at 9 am from my dad asking me if I would repair the lead on his roof.  Even though the sun was shining I couldn’t say no so Kate and I drove to Neath.

Whilst we were there we thought we could still get a ride in and decided a trip to the top of the mountain would be a good option, its not  far and the route to the top is easy and it has great views at 272 metres and seen as I had found my socks I thought why not where them one more time!

The description from Sockguy reads:
SockGuy Wanker Socks
Made with 75% Ultra-wicking Micro Denier Acrylic, 15% Nylon, and 10% Spandex for exceptional comfort and strength. These features create superior softness and comfort and help eliminate blisters and hot spots.

On top the mountain the views were great, there was a mild wind but nothing too strong.  I hadn’t been out on the mountain bike for a while and whilst this was just a simple forest track accent and descent it was fun to get out off road!


On the top of the mountain is a standing stone which is thought to be a boundary marker, it is mentioned in a Charter of King John in 1203.


Carreg Bica or also called Maen Bradwen. Perhaps a monument of a buried Celtic chieftain it now forms a gatepost.



Port Talbot is in the distance.

So it was a nice ride just over 6 miles with some excellent views.  I also fixed the roof and when I got home I put my feet up.



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