The road to Llanelli

3 Aug

In days 1 and 2 of our cycle trip from Abergavenny to Llanelli Curtis and I travelled along roads with the names “Gospel Pass” and the “Devils Staircase” perhaps we should have planned the 3rd day along roads with similar biblical connotations but it was a pleasant but long trip to Llanelli.

I was familiar with most of the route as I had ridden it the year before during a 200 km Audax ride called the Carmarthenshire Snapper although I hadn’t told Curtis the name had the word snapper in it when we planned the route.

The route followed some quiet roads through some beautiful valleys and we made good progress along the way.

Pub outside Rhandirmwyn

Pub outside Rhandirmwyn

Bridge at Rhandirmwyn

Bridge over the River Towy

Carmarthenshire Snapper RouteP1010646


He is just sleeping.

Well Rotted

This sign made me laugh!

Lunch Stop

Lunch Stop

Well Rotted Manure - Free

In my tired state I misread this sign when passing and had to look twice!

Dead Graveyard

Dead Graveyard; it seems rather than cut the grass somebody decided to spray it.

The distance for the day was 55.8 miles; it was the first time I had ridden Route 47 the entire way from the Wales National Botanic Gardens to Llanelli and I was surprised to find a large hill along the way but once we got on to the old railway line which Route 47 goes along we cruised mainly down hill into Llanelli and the route was superb.

We arrived in the town with only 30 minutes to wait for the next train back to Cardiff; it had been a great trip with some epic scenery and some epic hills to climb; definitely one to do again.


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