Cardiff to Bristol Night Ride

26 Aug

Earlier in the week I had been told about a night ride from Cardiff to Bristol and decided it could be fun; I was pretty sleepy by 10:20 pm when I left the house to get to the starting point on Saturday night, cycling through the marina it was already quiet but arriving at Pedal Power I was greeted by 24 bicycles with the riders inside enjoying cake and coffee.

P1020045 (Large)

DSC05179 (Large)

P1020048 (Large)

So after coffee and some photos it was time to get going; we cycled through Cardiff and from the back it was a great view of tail lights zooming through the streets.  By the time we had reached the edge of the city centre the group had already been split up and at the edge of Cardiff we were in three groups with myself in the middle.

P1020050 (Large)

P1020051 (Large)

Will speeding through the night

P1020053 (Large)

Upon reaching Newport there was a short diversion needed from the route so we waited for the group behind to catch up.  By this time our group was up to 11 riders and we stuck together until arriving at Bristol although  my counting abilities are limited at 3 am in the morning but I’m sure we didn’t leave anyone behind?

P1020055 (Large)

P1020057 (Large)

A short stop at Redwick

P1020059 (Large)

P1020060 (Large)

P1020061 (Large)

P1020065 (Large)

P1020067 (Large)

P1020071 (Large)

P1020072 (Large)

Taking in the night sights on the Severn Bridge

P1020076 (Large)

P1020079 (Large)

The Avonmouth Bridge we crossed over on our way to Bristol

P1020081 (Large)

As we got closer to Bristol we lost our way a bit and after a few laps of an industrial estate we headed down to Avonmouth crossing over the bridge to the South of Bristol.  The last part of the ride took in some hills before we descended down to the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  We had made it to Bristol, some photos were taken and it was time to get breakfast at Roll for the Soul.

P1020085 (Large)

6 am arrival at the Clifton Suspension Bridge

P1020087 (Large)

P1020088 (Large)

P1020089 (Large)


Unfortunately by this time I needed to get back to Cardiff and the first train wasn’t until 10 am so from the Clifton Suspension Bridge I headed home, directly to the Severn Bridge this time taking a quicker route and arriving there in exactly an hour.  The ride through Bristol and up to the Severn was beautiful in the morning light and the roads were deserted.  After crossing the bridge I consulted the map and chose the most direct and flattest route I could work out from a map with a lack of contours.  By 9:45 I was back home and eating breakfast; 120 miles covered, my legs were tired but more importantly I was in need of some sleep.

DSC05192 (Large)

The morning view of the new Severn Bridge on my way home


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