Campsites along National Cycle Network Route 8

2 Sep

Sometimes finding a campsite when touring can be problematic; if you have ever cycled 50 miles and then decided to look for a campsite only to find out you have to ride another 10 miles until the next campsite you might know what I mean.

I have got better at planning my trips but I still like the flexibility of stopping when I’m ready and not to a fixed itinerary.

Recently I have been playing with Google maps; its a great feature on a smartphone and as long as there is a signal opening up My Maps can be really useful.  So whilst researching for a trip on NCN Route 8 I created a spreadsheet of campsites close to the route and saved them as a map layer along with the route.  It took a few different programmes to create but the results are pretty good.  If you click on one of the pins in the map you will get the campsite details from the spreadsheet I created.

If you want to use the map you can click on the View Larger Map link and then copy the Google URL or download the KML file.  Enjoy.


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