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Riding the Foel

9 Sep


So I gave in and went for a ride with brother; he’s not keen on sedate riding and the fact he rides with knee pads and a full face helmet makes me feel I really need to catch up with the times.  His favourite riding spot is the Foel, a mountain I first road back in 1999 but since then the trails have grown somewhat and my XC bike is longer fits in.  I find the riding normally ends with a broken bike or a broken body for me; if possible I try to ride my brothers bikes when visiting; its cheaper for me without the repair bills!


The mountain is due to have the trees felled and preparations have begun with the widening of the access roads; back in 1999 my brother was still riding a rigid Orange Clockwork and I have vivid memories of him holding a straight line through one of these bends and flying face first into the trees.


Views of Port Talbot from the top

Riding the Foel




My favourite, very steep and very tight switchbacks

Big Drop



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